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Your Mind: Greatest Asset or Enemy | Janice Glover-Jones

Janice Glover-Jones is a coaching strategist and founder of “Seeing You.” She gives her clients permission to see their highest potential, helping them create a path to fulfillment. Her mission Is to help you see yourself realizing opportunities that lead to success in your career, relationships, and life.

For 20+ years, Janice has been an action-oriented leader and visionary innovator.  She is dedicated to inspiring others to see their potential and reach higher heights in their career and life.  So let's go back to how it all started.  Janice was a junior in high school when she decided that she needed to earn her own money.  One day she went home and told her mother that she needed some brown khakis to start her job at Wendy's.

Her mother bought her the khakis. Janice put them on along with a white blouse and headed off to Wendy's.  Once in the fast-food establishment, Janice met with the manager and said that today was her first day on the job.  The manager looked surprised and said that no one had notified her of a new employee and that she didn't have any paperwork on Janice.

Nonetheless, she allowed Janice to fill out the paperwork and begin her first job that very day!  Even as a teenager Janice saw herself in a good place (visionary); researched the attire needed for the job (action-oriented); and involved both her mom and Wendy's manager in getting her to where she wanted to be (leader).

Janice has a unique ability to meet people where they are, adapt to their style and personality, and ultimately serve their needs. This ability stems from her personal journey in life.  Janice has had diverse career experiences that span many organizational functions (e.g. IT, Financial Management, Strategic Planning).  She has worked in both government and private industry, and at all levels (from entry-level Clerk-Typist to C-Suite Senior Executive).

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