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Impactful Leadership In The Virtual Environment | John Riordan

John knows what it means to face the challenges of leadership and produce real results under extremely difficult conditions. Beginning in 1990, he invested 8 years in the future of a nation struggling to overcome a tragic history of genocide, racism and anarchy. What emerged was

Cornerstone Leadership Academy – a comprehensive boarding school community for young adults focusing on leadership, character, spiritual and intellectual development.

As co-founder and Director of the Academy, John and his family lived on-site for 8 years and dealt with the challenges of turning a revolutionary vision into a reality in the midst of racial and tribal tensions, scarce resources, and numerous physical hardships.

John has consulted with a broad range of federal, private sector and non-profit organizations over the past 20 years, conducting hundreds of planning, team building and training workshops ranging from large conferences (200+) to small intact teams.

On this episode, John shares his journey as an entrepreneur. We discuss impactful leadership in a virtual environment and John shares valuable insights that you can apply directly to your business.

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