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Life Experiences Provide Clues; Pay Attention | Deon Dalton

Deon Dalton is the Founder/CEO of PUSH Alliance. PUSH Alliance is an accelerant to goal realization. PUSH promotes planning, open-source thinking, and taking action to its members. Their community is a growth-oriented environment where members learn from, assist, and leverage one another toward their goals.

Deon began his career as an IT Consultant who specialized in improving systems and processes. He started at Accenture, one of the top IT & Management Consulting companies in the world. Over the next 14 years, he has assisted various federal government agencies (IRS, US Postal Service, EPA, USDA & Census) achieve their goals of improving efficiency to increase cost savings by providing automated systems to improve their processes.

On this episode, he shares the vision for PUSH Alliance and says the best way to get started, is to just get started. He shares that you will learn through action. Deon shares that the quickest path to success is to do what others won’t do. In the end, listen to his 6-word story:

“Life experiences provide clues; Pay attention”

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Deon Dalton

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