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Rebirth: do you have Phoenix strength? | Nicole Gustavson

As Owner of Phoenix Strength, Nicole is an example of her own perfect client. Middle-aged, over-scheduled, and not yet successful in building more time into the day.

Nicole's commitment to meaningful advocacy is rooted in the notion that, with the right skill set, she could effectively empower those who were willing to work hard enough to improve their quality of life beyond measure.

Parlaying a MA in Economics from the University of St. Andrews Scotland, Nicole's early career was spent navigating the financial sectors of New York City, London, and San Francisco, ultimately combining two skill sets: analytical research and writing for the institutional client. Later, a misguided attempt to pursue her love of advocacy led Nicole through a wrong turn into law school before she opened InForm Fitness in Virginia.

In 2010, she found the Power-of-10 methodology of strength training and put into practice all she learned. The name InForm Fitness is the predecessor name for Phoenix Fitness, under which Nicole operated for over 8 years. InForm Fitness is still the name of the New York-based, flagship brand of Nicole’s longtime mentor, Adam Zickerman. To Adam, Nicole owes endless homage.

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