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Limiting Beliefs, Conquering Fear & Writing Your Story | Carson Jones

Carson Jones is the founder of Shining Icon Publishing & Giant Voices Media. He was also my co-host for the early episodes of the podcast.

His company helps others tell their story through multiple mediums in a way that positions them as the authority in their industry. Books, Podcasts, Digital Courses, Communities and Beyond. Carson shares with us how his company creates identity brands that stand the test of time.

On this episode, Carson shares values that he learned from his humble upbringing, as well as lessons on breaking limiting beliefs in our lives.

He also shares impactful 6-word stories, lessons, and books that changed his life.

“We are all stuck in this story of perfection. Waiting for the perfect moment or waiting for the work to be perfect. There is never a perfect time to start that business, the time is now because you will make progress once you start. Don’t let your fears or limiting beliefs keep you from chasing the life of your dreams”- Carson Jones

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Carson Jones

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