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Your Mind: Greatest Asset or Enemy? | Dr. Dwayne Buckingham

Dr. Dwayne Buckingham is a world-renowned psychotherapist, active military leader, coach, and counselor to many. Dr. Buckingham specializes in helping others heal the trauma in their lives.

Along with helping people heal their trauma, he also teaches them how to break free from their own limitations. Dr. Buckingham consults and coaches organizations to help develop leaders with emotional intelligence and empathy.

Dr. Buckingham explains what he does via the Triple C’s: “Counseling, coaching and consulting.”

“There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone do something they could never imagine.”

On this episode, Dr. Buckingham shares his journey from his early struggles growing up in poverty to his success today. He says that his life was shaped by someone who was the most resilient, his mother.

Dr. Buckingham believes that being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and then walking in them, is the best gift we could give. Dr. Buckingham believes resilience and empathy are the most important qualities to possess in life.

Listen as Dr. Buckingham shares these lessons and others on this episode of Profiles In Success.

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