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From Warfare to Welfare: Serving Humanity in and Out of Uniform | Jennifer Foxworthy

Jennifer Foxworthy is a post-domestic violence thriver and victim’s advocate. As a sought after motivational speaker, Jennifer travels around the country using her life experiences to boldly, authentically, and transparently engage audiences on topics like intimate partner abuse, self-empowerment, overcoming adversity, self-care, and workplace safety. Jennifer’s first-hand experience with overcoming adversity drives her dynamic presentations.

A retired Navy Aircrewman, Jennifer knocked down stereotypes and dealt with discrimination as she became the first African-American female Aircrewman, the first African-America Aircrewman in the enlisted ranks, and the first female In Flight Technician during her squadron tours.

While serving in the Navy, Jennifer also experienced more than five years of service-member on service-member domestic violence. She suffered in silence in a male dominated industry, afraid to confide in anyone.

During her time in the Navy, Jennifer found herself facing a war on three fronts. She was facing a personal war with an abusive partner who professed to love her, enduring workplace bullying and career sabotage because of the color of her skin and gender, all while flying combat 1 missions in three wars (Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq).

Jennifer is grateful to be alive to share her story of overcoming so many dynamic circumstances. She has made it her mission to bring awareness to domestic violence so that survivors can heal without a life of guilt and shame. Jennifer explains “I use my voice to help others find theirs.” During the episode, she shares her 6-word story “I Can, I Will, I Did.”

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