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Nathan Hurd | A Journey To Create Rich Lives

Nathan Hurd, is the Chief Growth Officer at The Oxford Club, a financial club publishing one of the longest-running financial letters in the country, whose mission is to help its members achieve and preserve a "rich life". in June 2006. Over the last 15 years, he has worked with hundreds of thousands of investors directly and in groups at seminars all around the world.

His focus is on empowering current and prospective investors to gain emotional control in investing and find lasting fulfillment in life. He writes acclaimed essays on "living rich" and runs a video series called Survive and Thrive; these have been praised by readers from all around the world.

He is known for his relentless commitment to ensuring that The Oxford Club continues to shine as a value-driven financial club that operates with integrity and purpose and that always puts the interests of its Members first. Helping its readers around the world turn money into a source of confidence, so they can live more deeply and fully.

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Nathan Hurd

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President and founder of Bernhardt Wealth Management and author of Profiles in Success: Inspiration from Executive Leaders in the Washington D.C. Area. Gordon provides financial planning and wealth management services to affluent individuals, families and business owners throughout the Washington, DC area. Since establishing his firm in 1994, he and his team have been focused on providing high quality service and independent financial advice to help clients make informed decisions about their money.