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Preparing Students For An Unknown Future | Yilmaz Ak

Yilmaz Ak is the CEO of the Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation. CLF is the largest charter school operator in Maryland with 6 schools in two counties and an enrollment of 3600 students. CLF oversees the Chesapeake Science Point Charter School in Anne Arundel County and Chesapeake Math & IT Academies in Prince George's County.

Yilmaz has been in education since 1993, he has taught English as a Foreign Language, chaired English departments, coached teachers, worked as an assistant principal, principal, executive director, and chief academic officer at private and public schools.

He has also led innovation by implementing blended learning programs including 1:1 technology and online curriculum at a highly successful charter school in Silicon Valley.

On this episode, we talk about his early days. Yilmaz was born to an immigrant family in Germany and has been an educator now in 6 countries. He shares the importance of embracing our cultural difference, why nothing beats hard work and why we should never stop learning. Yilmaz believes that education can truly change anyone's life and his passion shines through in this episode.

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Yilmaz Ak

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