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Becoming The Voice Of Africa | Kadmiel Van Der Puije

Kadmiel Van Der Puije is an Author, Founder of Agenda Marketing, Managing Director of The Voice of Africa and Naberm Publications and is on the directing board of neXus Ghana. The passion he possesses is evident in his strong relationships with his clients and vendors and his commitment to keeping up with evolving industry trends.

Kadmiel has the unique ability to grasp and overcome any and every obstacle that comes on a daily basis in his unique position in each department of his brands. A strong driving force for Kadmiel is ensuring that our clients are provided with exceptional solutions and focus in developing effective solutions by properly utilizing the many tools and technologies available today. With Dominion Life Ministries International, Kadmiel finds gratification in aiding in this non-profit organization’s construction and environmental support project creating a new home to 25 orphaned children in Kenya.

On this episode we talk about Kadmiels journey of being born and raised in West Africa. He shares how he published his first book at age 18, how he manages 6 different organizations in Africa and explains what “The Voice of Africa” is all about.

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Kadmiel Van Der Puije

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