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Helping Everyone Succeed With Detailed Expertise | Mark Forster, Jr.

When Mark Forster, Jr. was six or seven years old, he picked up a camera for the first time and instantly was obsessed with making videos. Practically every day of his childhood was making short films with his friends. By the time he was starting high school, he had developed a good set of video skills and started being asked to create promo videos. Mark realized that there was a booming demand for business videos, especially as selling online was becoming extremely popular. In the spring of his junior year of high school, in 2019, he started Hesdex; a video production company built from the ground up for modern day marketers. One of its foundational missions was providing video services accessible to businesses of any size. Hesdex quickly grew and was a go-to for brands looking for affordable professional video ads that kept up with social media marketing trends. With the company growing so quickly, Mark made the unorthodox decision to not go to college and work on the business full time. Now Hesdex has worked with hundreds of brands, both locally and internationally, including Cobec, Govee, Avia Games, Fuller Brush, KBO Bike, and SideTrak. The company continues to build services that make it possible for businesses to reach customers through video regardless of their marketing budget. The latest and currently most popular service, Hesdex Selfies, uses innovative technology to allow brands to order social media video ads for just $40-$60. Mark is excited to see how Hesdex will evolve as the world of video, advertising, and content changes over time.

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