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Why Discipline Leads To Success | Michael Soler

Michael J Soler is the owner and Master Dog Trainer of Blue Line K-9, inc located in Harford County Maryland. In the past twelve years, Michael has helped over three thousand dogs and their families develop better relationships through training and canine-based activities. Michael focuses on dogs’ natural desires to please their people and uses proven methods across a wide variety of platforms to ensure a  consistent and desired outcome based on each individual family’s unique needs.

Michael developed his own, unique training methods, based on proven psychology methods such as classical conditioning. He especially enjoys working with working dogs and was honored to share a portion of his Police officer career with a very special partner, Canine Sam.

His own experiences and challenges as a Marine Corps Veteran, Police Officer, Police K9 Officer, Father, and Husband have driven Michael to learn, apply and share his experiences with others. He has impacted the lives of thousands of individuals as well as their canine companions through both Blue Line K-9, Podcast Dog Talk, and his police service to his community. Michael has now begun to expand Blue Line K-9, Inc with online training programs and helping more people achieve their dreams of owning a dog training business, as well as business consulting for those that need a little help with current or starting a new Pet Business.

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