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The Day The Bubble Burst

One particular day on the Camino presented a different challenge for Gordon. The bubble in his shoe had burst and he was left with a hole in his shoe. Similar to a financial bubble, this created decisions and obstacles along the journey.

Gordon shares that bubbles have been occurring since as early as the 1600 Holland Tulip Mania. He also shares his principles of investing that help his clients navigate their financial future during uncertain times.

As you will hear, the shoe became a lifelong lesson for Gordon on how to deal with unexpected events.

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Gordon J. Bernhardt

Gordon J Bernhardt

Author and Podcaster

President and founder of Bernhardt Wealth Management and author of Profiles in Success: Inspiration from Executive Leaders in the Washington D.C. Area. Gordon provides financial planning and wealth management services to affluent individuals, families and business owners throughout the Washington, DC area. Since establishing his firm in 1994, he and his team have been focused on providing high quality service and independent financial advice to help clients make informed decisions about their money.