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If You Really Want to Succeed, You’ve Got to Fail

In 2015, I was already contemplating walking the Camino de Santiago in a future year, I decided that I would walk the entire length of the C&O Canal.

I took a train to Cumberland, Maryland, and set out to walk 184.5 miles. My goal was to do it in 9 days…

After 4 days, my feet hurt so much that I could not go on.

I had made it a public proclamation and at the time, it felt like a failure.

As time drew closer for my Camino, all of those fears and doubts crept into my mind. I spent months preparing, changing shoes, and testing different socks.

I had done all of the preparation, but there was still a fear that I may fail again once I started my walk across the Camino.

Only this time, I was successful in completing my journey. I credit much of that success to my failure the first time, and I wouldn’t call it a failure. I call it a setback.

You have not failed until you quit trying. Learn from your experiences and allow your setbacks to propel you forward on your next journey!

Have you had a setback that set you up for success?

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