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Work Hard, Dream Big, Never Quit | Joe Danza

Joseph "Joe" Danza is an Army Reserve Chaplain and Information Technology Program Manager. He also has over 13 years of real estate experience with his own business and has been working in real estate since he was a child in his parent's real estate company. He is the CEO and founder of Simplified Real Estate Investments, a multi-million-dollar real estate company focused on cash flow through multiple streams of income, consisting of STRs, LTRs, Property Management, and Commercial Multifamily Syndications.

He's leveraged his vast experience in real estate and program/project management to drive efficiencies and deliver desired results. He also serves as an advisor for over $105 millions of dollars in commercial real estate assets along the east coast.

Listen as Joe shares his journey from the military to building his real estate portfolio and beyond. Joe shares his impactful 6-word story with us as well, “Dream Big, Work Hard, Never Quit.”

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Joseph Danza

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