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Retain Clients & Pillage Your Competition | Rudo Robinson

Rudo Robinson is the CEO Of RJ Maven. With over 30 years sales and marketing experience, Rudo has sold and marketed a wide variety of products and services including encyclopedias door to door, copiers for Pitney Bowes, home improvements, print advertising, security services, events, and more.

Rudo was the CEO of Trust Security Services. Rudo knew a lot about marketing, but knew very little about internet marketing. As a result, he hired several experts and agencies to market the business. They all had 2 things in common. 1. They charged a lot of money. 2. Nothing they did got results. Rudo got frustrated and decided to do it himself. He read everything that he could find about internet marketing and implemented what he learned. Trust Security did $200,000 the first years. By year 10 the company had made the INC 5000 list 3 consecutive years and reached 4 million in annual revenues.

On this episode we talk about Rudo’s inspiration and how he has become a leading sales expert in the world. He shares how important relationships are and why a current client is always more valuable than a new client. He inspires us to believe that we can achieve anything, as long as we are willing to work for our dreams. Finally, he shares the importance of being a kind leader with all of the people in your organization.

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Rudo Robinson

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