Grab hold,
And take this hand that
Reaches out to you.

Look up
Into my eyes;
My spirit
Cries out to you:
Friendship is my thought.

Let us climb
The jagged cliffs of life
And fight the ascent of
Opposition together.

If I can lift you today,
You will look back
And grab the hands of a thousand more.

That is the way
The Great Spirit would have it!

-Howard Rainer, Native American Poet

The Celebration of Profiles in Success award was created in conjunction with the Profiles book series to honor one outstanding business leader each year. The Artwork for this award chosen for its symbolism of leadership. Whether a CEO, entrepreneur, supervisor, mentor or role model your life, actions and legacy are the hand of solace and strength reaching down to encourage and lift someone up. As the people you help learn, grow and increase in wisdom, they reach out and help the next willing person fight their own ascent of difficult personal challenges.

Winners are nominated and chosen from a community of successful small-business owners, corporate executives and industry groundbreakers who wish to perpetuate the executive leadership values of character, chemistry and caring throughout American society.