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Financing Large Scale Projects | Michael Weiner

Michael Weiner is the founder and CEO of PreConstruction Catalysts. PreConstruction Catalysts is a client catalyst for ultra-high-level Managed Buy/Sell bank debentures trading programs for project funding. They work with deal-makers with an ever-growing international network of senior-level people. The guiding principles for PreConstruction Catalysts are 1) The Golden Rule, 2) Good, strong, trusting, honest relationships. Relationship First, THEN the deal itself, and 3) Integrity, Ethics, Accountability, Candor, and Knowledge are critical components.

In 2006, out of the blue, he was introduced to a developer of a 350-million dollar Sports Complex for Youth Team sports events. This introduced him to the world of project funding via private placement programs, where he built relationships with several principal organizations that run these. He was intrigued and felt this would be a good career move to focus on finance for projects. Mike has since been elevated to working directly with program providers as an intake officer.

His work now brings in large and medium-size projects that are candidates for a project funding private placement with the capital to start a program. Each program is customized which generates non-repayable profits from the trading of bank debentures in the major money center banks.

On this episode, we talk about Michael's career and his fascinating story full of lessons. Michael shares important lessons about personal relationships and gives advice to anyone looking to start in his profession. Finally, Michael shares his powerful 6-word story and tells us the real meaning of success.

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