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Angelica Alpire | Alpire Legal Tax

Angelica was born in Santa Cruz Bolivia, she came here when she was 5 years old and grew up in a household with 6 kids. Being the oldest, she had an entrepreneur state of mind for as long as she can remember and started working when she was 15. Her mom was a stay-at-home mom that dedicated herself to the upbringing of her household and her dad worked long hours to provide financially for the whole family. Her dad always instilled in her that she had to do things her own way and figure it out no matter how hard. He had a very strict mindset regarding punctuality and work ethic, there was no in-between, if you were on time you were late. Angelica complained through her teen years about this work and school ethic because she did not understand that in the end, it would end up molding her and creating the person she is today. Angelica started her business in 2013 after many years of working in the corporate world, in the HR and administration field, and preparing tax returns on the side for extra income.

Angelica says she has slowly grown both in her personal and professional life. She balanced being a full-time mom and also having a full-time job and running a business at the same time. Her family is extremely important to her and finding a balance between work and family became her priority.

Through this, she also built her relationship with colleagues. She discovered that tax law also goes hand in hand at times with legal avenues with attorneys. This avenue, a close friend, an attorney partner, and herself discovered was a market not many ventured in. She works closely with him in the paralegal aspect and he works with helping her clients in the legal field. Together they make sure clients are educated on how filing correctly correlates with Immigration, child support, family law, and so many other legal sides.

Angelica has gone through so many years of experience and has endless stories and advice to share that she could keep going on for pages and pages. She specializes in servicing her community and educating anyone that wants to grow and build in the best and legal way.

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Angelica Alpire

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