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The Power Of People In Start-Ups | Nikki Blacksmith, Ph.D.

Nikki Blacksmith, Ph.D. is Co-Founder and CEO of Blackhawke Behaviour Science and an adjunct faculty member at American University in Washington, DC. She teaches Managing Human Capital and Leading High-Performance Teams in the Kogod Business School. Dr. Blacksmith has nearly 15 years of experience as a scientist-practitioner of industrial-organizational psychology focusing on assessment, recruitment, selection, decision-making, and leadership development.

Dr. Blacksmith has consulted with organizations across various industries including healthcare, medical devices, manufacturing, and venture capital. She has published over 60 different conference papers, book chapters, and journal articles. Her scientific research has been published in top-tier academic publications including the American Psychologist, Journal of Business and Psychology, Personality and Individual Differences, and Journal of Behavioral Decision-Making. Her research has also been featured in many media outlets including New York Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, and Bustle.

On this episode, Dr. Blacksmith dives deep into the importance of relationships and human capital. Dr. Blacksmith shares that great leaders have great awareness. We also discuss the importance of taking higher levels of responsibility than others. In the end, listen as Dr. Blacksmith explains the meaning of her 6-word story “Why Are We Who We Are?”

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