Over a decade ago, I began training as an executive coach and as part of that training I was placed in a peer advisory group. Gordon was a key member of that group and I immediately noticed three things about this man.

• He cared.

• He was curious and was in a constant search of why.

• After thoroughly probing an issue, and only after truly understanding it, he would generously share his wisdom…and

make no mistake, he is wise.

So, it’s no surprise that Gordon produces an excellent series of profiles on business leaders. In typical Bernhardt style, these profiles don’t just report on the what and how of an executive’s profession, they are a deep dive into what makes these humans tick.

I am not ashamed to say that during my profile interview with Gordon, I was moved to tears. He found out more about what was in my heart than I was aware of myself. A read of Profiles in Success provides business lessons, as well as lessons in human relations that can serve all of us.

I believe the greatest value from Profiles in Success mirrors the standard operating procedure of Gordon. And that is to really understand the what and the how of a person. You must dig deep into the why…why are they who they appear to be and how did they get to be who they are.

Glen Hellman
Driven Forward LLC

As Founder and CEO of Driven Forward, Glen Hellman is an executive coach, peer advisory facilitator, business coach, and strategic advisor with over 30 years of business leadership experience. Giving himself the brand, “Mr. Cranky,” his blog covers the DC tech-startup industry. In addition, Glen is a Global 100 Mentor at the Founder Institute; is an Executive in Residence at the University of Maryland, Office of Technology Commercialization; and is a former board member at the University of Maryland, Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship; a former Vistage Chair recognized as a Vistage Rookie of the Year; and has served on multiple corporate boards.